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Features of DoubleDip
Audience Engage And Inform Audiences

Synchronize Interesting and Related Information (aka. “Dips”) To Your Video.  DoubleDip’s Patented Technology Enables You to Connect Your Audience With Relevant Information – Which Viewers Will Actually Find Userful!! 

Player Promote and Monetize Traffic

Our Unique Technology Enables You To Insert And Promote Items And Topics That You Feel Are Relevant – And Which You Want Your Audience To Connect With.

Analytics Insights, Analytics & Optimizations

Identify Exactly How Viewers Interact With Your Video.  Learn Which Dips Were Of Interest? Were Your Dips Helpful?  With DoubleDip, you’ll Learn More About Your Viewers - And How To Provide Them With The Best Experience Possible

Satisfaction Enhance User Experience

With DoubleDip's Non-Intrusive Audience Engagement Platform, The User Experience Comes First! Viewers Are Presented With "Dip's" (aka: Additional Information) When They Initiate An Action.  No Pop-Up's Or Other Unwanted Distractions - Ever.

DoubleDip Partnership Program

Engage With Our Partnership Team And Explore How our Patented Technology Can Provide Even More Value. 

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